Illicit Poems (Book of Poems). Bangalore: Pothi, July 2020. ISBN 9789354083082. INR 100 (Paperback), INR 50 (Digital).

A chapbook of thirty love poems by Amit Shankar Saha including prize-winning poems from Wordweavers and Wingword poetry contests. The volume also has popular poems like Love Pastiche, Dam(n), The Poem in Your Heart and the Lara series of poems which earned the author the adage of being the love poet.


Fugitive Words (Book of poems). Kolkata: Hawakal Publishers, June 2019. ISBN 9789387883697. INR 300 (Paperback).

The hush that descended after reading Balconies of Time never left. And into that silent space a few more fugitive words escaped. The stoic poet at night reveals, like the Russian dolls, layers of personal passions, social insights and aesthetic delight. The softness pierces the heart and wrenches the gut at the same time with a twist that is both beautiful and damning. Here is a poet of “negative capability” who finds his voice in the negative time-space.


Balconies of Time (Book of poems). Kolkata: Hawakal Publishers, November 2017. ISBN 9788193532539. INR 200 (Paperback).

After every poem a sort of hush descends but there is a persistence of both the sense and the music left behind by the words. The poems of "Balconies of Time" mix the private, the personal with the public, the social into an aesthetic whole. As the title suggests, these poems chart an evolution of time from one state of situ to another. They bring in moods where the experiences of the poet become poetry. Predominantly love poems but exploring aspects of it that lie hidden to ordinary sight and can only be seen by the eye of a poet. The metaphors he uses subtly give in to multiple interpretations and an apparently simple poem becomes loaded with meanings. These poems are also about creativity and how the self of the poet is both an anomaly as well as a representation of every age and time.